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Full Version: [CA] HELP !!
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My new to me boat has Raymarine Electronics and came with no manual. I am not even sure what model the MFD is ... I think it is an e127.?? It says light house II and is a hybird unit ... Can you tell me which model this might be.? And which manuals I should down load.

I turned it on today and looked at the chart. when in full chart screen the chart shows details of my area. When I split the screen the chart is very "vague", with no markers or dept or anything I see when it is set to full screen. Is this normal or am I missing something ?

The unit does have a small SD card inserted behind a door in the lower right corner of the unit.

I have attached a pictures of the unit

Can you explain how I go about down loading the lighthouse II chart

Thank you .. Tony
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tony,

The photo of the MFD in question appears to be that of an e-Series MFD. The exact model, its part #, and serial number may be determined by examining the top entry within the MFD's Select Devices List (HOME->SET-UP->MAINTENANCE->DIAGNOSTICS->SELECT DEVICE). The installation and operations guides for this family of MFDs may be found herehere. The latest software update for this family of MFDs may be found here.

Regarding no chart detail being displayed within a Chart application page or pane, please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject, specifically that addressing the Chart Selection feature.
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