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Full Version: [CA] Chart Orientation
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I have a eS170 slaved to a C97.

I just finished the install of Auto Pilot EV400 with a S-100 Remote.

Upon commissioning, I noticed my chart orientation changed from "Course Up" to "North Up."

I changed it back to "course up" but it returned to "north up."

Why will it only accept North Up?

I checked FAQs and the instruction manual. It does not seem to describe this situation.
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Tom,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject ... specifically the last paragraph. After addressing the Chart Sync setting, should the MFD be receiving heading from the system, then it would be possible command Head-Up (the most commonly used) and North Up chart orientations. Please additionally see the portion of the previously referenced FAQ addressing Head-Up vs Course-UP Chart orientation.
Thanks Chuck. That worked.

Have a great summer!
You're welcome.
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