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Full Version: Wind Vane Cable
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Dear Moderator, I need just the cable for a wind vane (E22078), may I have the part number to order the cable ? Thanks
It is sold as a hardwired masthead base and 30M cable, part number A28162. You will twist lock the masthead to the base. We also sell with 50M of cable, part number A28163.
Hello Raymarine Moderator,
I have an ST50 display and masthead unit but I'm getting inaccurate wind direction. After following the trouble shooting tips from another thread, I'm fairly certain that I have a bad cable. Will the A28162 connector at the masthead fit my ST50 wind instrument? (I don't know the part number of the ST50 masthead unit)

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum spencerdd,

The hardwired masthead base and 30M cable, part number A28162, may indeed be used to replace that which had been used with a ST50 Wind Transducer.
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