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Full Version: (DG) E12121 Auto Pilot Computer
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I have a port issue with the auto pilot computer on my boat. The Serial Number is E12121. What course computers are direct replacements for it? I am finding similar older units on line including a E12091 and E12120 and E12054. Dont know which serial units will be a plug and play match as I just want to change out the course computer.
Hi skarlson

Thank you for your enquiry.

The E12121 Autopilot used an S1G course computer, in place of the S1G you could use the following as direct replacements - E12115, E12091 or E12092. The computer within the E12120 or E12122 or E12123 or E12124 could also be used.

The S2 computer in the E12054 does not include the rate gyro and so would not be recommended.


I also have a E12183 AutoPilot Head. Can that work head work with the E12091 Computer

Hi Steve,
Yes, the E12183 will work with the E12091, bear in mind that the disparity in software versions may mean some calibration factors are not going to be available,but this will not affect the operation of the autopilot.

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