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Full Version: (DG) i60 Wind vs i70s + iTC-5
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What are the pros and cons of dedicated i60 wind instrument with wind transducer connected directly to the i60 versus wind display on an i70s with wind transducer connected to iTC-5 ? Will there be any noticeable delay using the latter due to sampling rate of the iTC-5 and multiplexing of data on the STng backbone as compared to having dedicated i60 with wind transducer connected directly to the i60?
Hi sailM27

Thank you for your enquiry.

The performance will be the same whether you are using the direct connection to the i60 or the itc-5 and i70 combo.

If you are using just a single standalone wind display, then the i60 is the cheapest route, if you have a larger integrated system then the itc-5 route is the way to go.

Another factor to bear in mind is the i60 is a dedicated wind display, whereas the i70 can display multiple data items, the screen can be customised to show the data in whatever format you prefer.

Thanks for the info.
Hi sailM27

You're welcome
Can the i70s be configured to display the "close hauled" wind display?
Hi tmarks11

Yes, you can customise the display and Close hauled is an option.

With i60 the data cable and power all need to be routed to the instrument. With iTC5 the data and power go to it located anywhere then a single spur cable to the i70. More flexibility. The i70 can be configured to display multiple screens (pages) and scroll between them. e.g. apparent wind, close hauled, true wind (if speed present), etc.
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Gracias, Daniel
Hi Daniel,

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I60 reads “0” for wind speed. Voltages at mast base and ITC5 are within specs. Is the ITC5 the problem? All other analog to digital converted data displays correctly.
Bill Bailey
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