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Full Version: (DG) Powering Backbone
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I have a question about power on my backbone.

I have :

1 x Axiom Pro 7" (has its own direct to bus power)
1 x EV400 + Sensor Core and RAT - All powered off EV400 - the switch to allow the EV400 to supply power over the backbone is turned on.
1 x GA150 GPS
1 x P70 control head

I am now adding the Sail System Pack (ITC5, triducer, rotovecta, P70s) - this pack came with the wires to connect up the gear to to battery's again.

The question is would the existing EV400 be ok to power all the items in the System pack without wiring in another 12v supply to the backbone?


Hi watsala
thank you for your enquiry below.

The configuration of the backbone is important and the balancing of the load around the power injection point needs to be planned to avoid issues with data corruption or intermittent operation.

You will find these links article here and and here useful background information.

YOu should only ever have one powersource feeding an STng Backbone, the key is toensure it is as close to the centre of the load on the backbone as possible.

Just what I was after. Thanks.
Hi Watsala

you're welcome!
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