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Full Version: Installation and operations guides not packaged with Raymarine MFDs
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Installation and operations guides not packaged with Raymarine MFDs

Early marine electronics were manufactured with software which could only be installed by the manufacturer and as a result supported features which remained unchanged through the period that the product was manufactured and sold. Beginning with Raymarine's A/C/E-Series Classic MFDs and continuing through Raymarine's presently manufactured MFDs, Raymarine has offered easily installed software updates for its MFDs. These MFD software updates not only correct features and add support for new Raymarine accessories, but also add new features to the MFDs. This permits the same MFD hardware design to remain relevant as a product throughout the period of its manufacture and sale. In the ensuing years, the pace of releases for MFD software updates has increased to the point where they are now occurring at almost quarterly intervals. As a result, any operations manuals printed prior to a software update would naturally lack any information concerning the feature additions and/or feature changes included within the latest available software for the MFD. In recognition of the likelihood that the package of a purchased Raymarine MFD would contain an obsolete obsolete operations, to embrace the technical advantages of electronic documentation (ex. Find, Copy, etc.), and to provide a cost savings to its customers, Raymarine, like most electronics manufacturers, abandoned packing hard copies of its product documents with Raymarine MFDs. Instead, customers may now download electronic copies the latest versions of Raymarine product documentation (installation guides, installation templates, operations guides, etc.) from Raymarine's Manuals and Documents web page. In recognition that some customers may prefer paper documentation over electronic documentation, paper copies of Raymarine documentation may be ordered from Raymarine's Print Shop.

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