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Full Version: (DG) Question about P79 In-Hull Transducer
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I just bought a sailboat with a lot of different instruments, some of them Raymarine, which I am very glad for. Trouble is that the depth finder instrument is an old Lowrance Fishfinder, which is very unreliable. The boat are in the water now, but i would like to change the depth finder to something else.

Is it possible to use the P79 transducer with an i40 display in an old sailboat? The reason for that is that I have ST40 wind and speed instruments.

I am also considering to change my Garmin plotter to an Axiom 9, could the P79 talk to this MFD? Is that a better solution?

Maybe none of these are the optimal solutions, but I don't want to lift the boat again this summer, so I am looking for an solution that will work for this summer at least.

All the best,
Hi Lellebas

Thank you for your enquiry.

The i40 is not recommended for use with the p79, simply because the hull thickness may require morepower than the i40 can provide, the cheaper option we would recommend would be to use an i50 with the p79. The i50 can be connected to the other ST40 instruments through seaTalk.

The alternative is to fit an AXIOM 9 DV with P79 (E66008) and adapter cable (A80485)

Thanks a lot for your answer. I will se which of these options i will go on with.

Hi Lellebas

You're welcome
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