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Full Version: [CA] ES128 transducer issue?
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I have a es128- my downvision has a very narrow “return line” on the machine past like 15/20ft(see attached) on downvision mode. Also- the temp is about 30/35 degrees off(reading 42-44 degrees when it’s actually 77-79 degrees). It has a cpt100 ducer. Is it bad which is why the thin return line and temp being off? -see attached
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Bill,

A thin bottom line would typically be indicative of a very hard bottom. However, it would be expected that the High CHIRP Sonar Channel would also produce a similar image ... which is most definitely not the case per your screen snapshot. Should the vessel be a sailing vessel and should this image have been captured while the vessel was operating on a level keel then this would indeed indicate a DownVision sonar problem. Both the temperature and DownVision problems reported may be indicative of a failure of the transducer or a failure of the MFD's fishfinder processing circuitry. These problems would typically be fault isolated by testing the MFD with a compatible DownVision transducer which was simply suspended over the side of the hull while the vessel was stationary to test the DownVision circuitry. The temperature problem may be tested with the test transducer out of the water, where it should report the surrounding air temperature. If installed by a Certified Raymarine Installer and should the equipment still be within the warranty, then it would be recommended that your Certified Raymarine Installer be contacted to fault isolate and then correct the problem. Alternatively, the MFD may be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
It is a powerboat (28 Pursuit) w/twin outboards. The screen shot was take while slow trolling (it was a little bumpy).
So it sounds like the "easiest" course of action at this point is to try a new transducer (over the side) - is that the best thing to take away from this?

I assume it is PN A80351 now....

Yes, the A80351 CPT-100 DVS - Transom Mounted DownVision Transducer may be used for this purpose.
So a little more info here. I got a new transducer and hooked it up (boat on trailer) - just plugged in and over the side, not “installed”. The temp is the same-48degrees. The boat is also rigged with a DSM300 so I was thinking maybe that transducer was producing the temp? I pulled the fuse to the DSM and the temp seemed to correct itself. It worked with the old and new transducer. So-I wonder, could the data for temp be being pulled from the DSM and not the internal machine with the cpt100? Is there a way to check/change the data source for that? Could the P66 be bad and that is where the data is coming from? Does the MFD always pull temp data from the transducer plugged directly into it? The bottom reads fine with the P66.

Could it be that the DSM is somehow interfering with the downvision transducer and causing these issues?

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing Temperature source prioritization within a system of MFDs running LightHouse 3 software ... particularly the last paragraph of this FAQ.
I am running LightHouse 2, V19.03 on my MFD.... Does this still apply?

Unfortunately, the ability to configure temperature sensors on/off was not featured within LightHouse II software. However, both eS and gS Series MFDs are compatible with LightHouse 3 software. Should this data item be critical, then it may be worth considering to update the MFD's software to LightHouse 3.
Its not- Im just trying to figure out when the cpt100(ES128) and P66(DSM300) are both running, why the MFD is way off on the temp reading. Then when I remove the fuse from the DSM, the temp (now reading off the CPT100) reads fine and accurate...

Just need accurate readings- don't know if it is interference or what.

The problem is not one of interference. Per the previously referenced FAQ, temperature produced by a DSM30 or DSM300 has a higher priority within the system than temperature data produced by an Axiom RV MFD. For this reason the temperature reported within your system running LightHouse II will be that produced by the DSM unless the circuit supplying power from the DSM has been switched OFF.
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