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Full Version: [CA] Splice SeaTalk1 to SeatalkNG
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Im doing restoring a network, after damages in huricane, and one of my question is, I lost seatalk to seatalkNG cnoverter cable (yellow Plug), but i should be able to splice piece of of standard STng and seatalk1 cable with plug.

i done this:

seatalk1 RED to seatalkNG RED
seatalk1 SHIELD to seatalkNG Black
seatalk1 YELLOW to seatalkNG YELLOW

SatlakNG Shield not connected
SeatalkNG Blue not connected
SeatalkNG White not connected

Such spliced cable go betwen SmartPilot Course Computer and Yellow socket on STng coverter.

In my opinion all should work, I got Power On converter block, but no data is going Between SeaTak network where is only Depth and Autopilot and SeaTalkNG.

Converter socket are:
1. Blue - Terminator
2. White - Axiom Chart plotter connected by STng-N2K cable
3. Yellow - With spliced cable like above
4. White - Actisence N2K to nmea0183- thru STng to N2k cable, NMEA0183 to Si-tex radar
5. Blue - terminator

But i dont have reading of depth on Axiom Plotter, and Axiom pointed waypoint are not transferred to course computer. Axiom pointed way point is transferred properly to Si-tex radar screen by Actisense N2k-NMEA0183 gateway.

Should such configutration should work. What could be a problem, should i splice shield from stNG cable to black and to shield on SeaTalk1?

Please Help did i miss somethink, or axiom will not comunicate that way with S3 Smartpilot??

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Martin,

Regarding the splice, it is more accurate to specify that a SeaTalkng Spur Cable may be spliced to a SeaTalk cable as follows:
- SeaTalk RED to SeaTalkNG RED
- SeaTalk SHIELD to SeaTalkNG Black & to SeaTalkng shield
- SeaTalk YELLOW to SeaTalkNG YELLOW
- SeaTalkng BLUE insulated to prevent shorting
- SeaTalkng WHITE insulated to prevent shorting

This cable may then be plugged into the SeaTalk (YELLOW) socket of a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter. SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converters as well as the MFD(s) must be updated with the latest available Raymarine product software updates.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how the SeaTalk devices may be interfaced to the system. As specified therein, the SeaTalk bus must not be powered from the SeaTalk side. Instead, the SeaTalk bus will be powered by the SeaTalkng backbone via the SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter.

After doing so, it should be possible to command a the MFD to GoTo a Waypoint/Cursor position and then command the autopilot into track mode via the autopilot's control head. Note that the Autopilot Controls feature of LightHouse 3 software is only supported by systems featuring an Evolution autopilot.
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