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RMK-10 connected to HS5 to Axiom 12. RMK-10 doesn’t turn on or is seen by MFD. On second RMK-10 without using external power and stir not seen. First RMK-10 connected to external power and did not power up. What I’m I doing wrong?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Larry,

When used with any product other than a gS-Series MFD, the RMK-9 and RMK-10 Remote Keypads must be powered from a switched 12VDC power circuit. While it sounds as though you may have had a problem with the first RMK-10, the second is clearly missing installation of power. Once properly installed, then RMK-10 must be paired to the MFD. Detailed instructions for doing so may be found within Chapter 4.9 Device pairing of the LightHouse 3.4 Advanced Operation Instructions.
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