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Full Version: (DG) N with a square around it
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I have recently installed two Raymarine eS series MFDs. My system includes a Vesper Vision AIS that is connected to my lower eS 127 via NMEA 183. The AIS functions and displays properly. Almost every time I use this system, I have a problem where I get a square with N in the middle. There is a line connecting the box to the boat symbol, as if it is a vector. When this happens, I can no longer activate or exercise a route. The only way I have found to get rid of the box is to shut down the eS 127. I have spent hours searching thru the manual and can't find a reference to this symbol. Can you tell me what the symbol means? How I should get rid of it? And how I can keep from having this problem in the future?
Hi shay

Thank you for your enquiry.

The symbol that you describe sounds like there is an active 'GoTo' waypoint from an NMEA source, (the N identifies the waypoint source as NMEA rather than a waypoint generated from the SeaTalk system).

Check what NMEA inputs to the system that you have, if in doubt start to disconnect them one at a time, also check that you do not have a data loop as well, since this can trigger the issue as well, check here for more details.

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