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Full Version: [CA] Sirius Radio and axiom
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My installer just informed me that the radio portion portion of Sirius isn't working on my new vessel, but the weather is working fine. ( I have the SR150)

He stated he spoke to Raymarine support and they said a software update will fix that. Do we know when the update is due to come out? Is there a temporary solution or work around so I can listen to satellite radio on my vessel?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ooohaha,

Support within LightHouse 3 for SiriusXM program selection in conjunction with SR150 SiriusXM Satellite Weather / Radio Receivers is indeed currently being considered for inclusion within a future software update. Raymarine has not yet announced which LightHouse 3 software update which may include support for this feature, although it may quite possibly be completed prior to the end of this calendar year. For vessels equipped with SiriusXM ready entertainment systems, the SiriusXM SXV300 Connect Vehicle Tuner solution identified within the FAQ found here may be used until such time as support for SiriusXM program selection has been included within a LightHouse 3 software update. As indicated withing the referenced FAQ, when using this method of installation, SiriusXM Satellite Radio channel selection may only be performed through the entertainment system's (or compatible remote's) user interface.

I may just bluetooth connect my phone to my Fusion system on board and listen to Pandora or Spotify that way until the software update.

Crazy that the update hasn't been done already as Sirius radio is so popular.
You're welcome.
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