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Full Version: Status Update: RV-300 Plastic Thru-Hull RealVision Transducers
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Status Update: RV-300 Plastic Thru-Hull RealVision Transducers

The following is an update on the outstanding RV-300 Plastic Thru-Hull RealVision Transducers. Unfortunately, we will not be releasing the transducers in the immediate future. We have encountered an issue during our rigorous stress testing protocol that has proven quite difficult to overcome and as a result are exploring a design modifications. With permanently installed products, such as transducers, we hold an extremely high standard of reliability and are not willing to compromise on those standards to get product out the door. It is important to note that this issue only pertains to the RV-300 plastic thru-hull transducers. The RV-100 transom and RV-200 bronze thru-hull transducers have not exhibited this same issue, each passing the very same tests with flying colors. Raymarine has removed the RV-300 Plastic Thru-Hull RealVision Transducers from its web pages until such time as Raymarine is ready to begin shipping these transducers.

This FAQ will be updated when further information becomes available.

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