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Full Version: [CA] RC435i & Navionics charts
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I have a RC435i chart plotter with an installed Navionics US Northeast CF card. The chart data that is displayed is for Long Island Sound area which is where I purchased the boat. I brought the boat to Lake Ontario and there is no chart data displayed. Is there a way to unlock or load the local chart data onto the chart Plotter? The unit works great but is useless without chart data. Hate to get rid of it due to no charts available.
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The RC435/435i was designed for use with separately purchased Navionics Gold Compact Flash (CF) chart cards. These chart cards provided cartography for specific regions and was limited in total cartography capacity so as not to exceed the memory and processing capacity of of the RC435/435i. As Navionics+ chart cards which have replaced Navionics Gold chart cards and the quantity of cartography included within off the shelf Navionics+ chart cards exceeds the memory and processing capacity of the R435/435i, it is recommended that Navionics (508-291-6000) be contacted to order a Navionics+ Compact Flash chart card which will provide coverage for the geographic area where the vessel will be operated (you will need to supply them with this information), but has been reduced sufficiently in content to permit the chart card's use with a RC435/RC435i.
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