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Full Version: [CA] c120 software update
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I downloaded the most recent software for my c120 classic. One file is C_App_Prod516.pkg. The video shows opening this and then copying individual files to the root of the CF card. I can not open this. For "type" this says file not folder so I am not sure additional file exist. I have tried this in my C120 but I do not get any update utility screens. Do I need to do something different on my CF card or when copying these files?

Thank you for the help.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum smancino,

The file downloaded from Raymarine's website (v5.16.zip) is a compressed folder containing the following two files:
- C_App_Prod516.pkg

1) Right click on the downloaded compressed folder containing the software update files to display a menu of options
2) Left click on the EXTRACT ALL menu option to display the Extract Compressed (zipped) Folders dialog
3) Left click on the Browse button within the Extract Compressed (zipped) Folders dialog to display the Select a Destination dialog
4) Within the Select a Destination dialog, left click on the drive letter corresponding to your CF memory card, and then click on the OK button.
5) After all files have been extracted, remove the CF memory card containing the software update files from the computer's memory card reader
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