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Full Version: [CA] Creating autoroute a78
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So I have been having issues creating a AutoRoute, when creating AutoRoute by means of entering waypoint from keypad it tells me it cant safely create route and gives me only two waypoints. If i do it by means dragging icon and placing it, it works fine and this is how I always have done it , but figured it would be more accurate by placing by using key pad. What am I doing wrong with keypad placement.

It works by finger placement and the problem seems to be when placing waypoint with keypad. Just for your knowledge base
Thanks again


Have you interfaced a RMK-9 or RMK-10 to your a78 MFD?
No, but I am using p70r controller

Then I'm confused about your reference to a keypad. The a-Series MFDs feature a touchscreen-only user interface.
Sorry, keypad is actually where it asks you to place waypoint in route build menu.

I was unable to duplicate the problem when tested within an a-Series MFD (v19.03), Navionics Platinum Plus chart card, and using it's menu option to Place Waypoint. After placing the first waypoint, each time thereafter that the Place Waypoint menu item was selected, the Chart application autorouted to the location of the placed waypoint. Please note that when the Build Route's Dock to Dock Autorouting menu item is switched OFF, then the MFD will produce a simple two-point route between the two waypoints. This same condition will also occur if the Chart application is unable to produce the autoroute due to insufficient depths at the starting, ending, or waters in between, or the chart card does not have an active Navionics Freshest Data subscription.

Should you have not already done so, then it would be recommended that the chart card's contents be erased using the Navionics Chart Installer program, and that the chart cards contents then be updated with Freshest Data updates (both Nautical Charts and SonarCharts) for the maximum size permitted by the Navionics Chart Installer, given the chart card's capacity.
i did go ahead and erase with Navionics uninstaller and repopulated freshest data and sonar charsts but that didn't do it ether .
I will give you the start and finish lat-lon and maybe you can try that way on your unit.
Thanks Jeff
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