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Full Version: 0.5 L Hydraulic pump spec discrepancy
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When I specked out my autopilot system (EV-100 Power), I used the specs on the website, which states the 0.5 L pump is sufficient for 50cc-150cc steering rams. My boat has a 135.5cc ram, and falls in to that spec.

Upon receiving the EV-100 system, I noticed that the manual with the pump states 50cc –110cc sized rams. If that is the case, my ram would be too large for this system.

I'm really hoping that the website is correct and this pump will support my steering ram size. Which spec is correct?
The best way to properly size an autopilot is by the RAM capacity of the drive cylinder. What is the RAM capacity of the drive cylinder in your steering system, did your drive pump fall within the 3.1 cubic inch to 9 cubic inch RAM capacity? What those specs are measuring the fluid the steering system is pushing within the system, and adding a autopilot pump that can handle that amount of hydraulic fluid.

If your drive cylinder doesn't specify a RAM capacity, please provide a make and model number and I can possibly cross reference.
The cylinder is 8.3 cu. in.

Sea Star BA135-7ATM
The 0.5L Hydraulic pump has a 9 cubic inch capacity. So you are within the specified capacity. I always recommend when at the higher end of the capacity to move to the higher capacity pump size, but the EV-100 will work with your system.
OK. The manual state the Type 0.5 is 50-110cc (3.1-6.7 in3), so that's where my concern lies. The spec on the website is consistent with the spec you are providing, 50cc-150cc (3.1in3–9in3). Also showing a discrepancy in the flow rate: 1000cc/min (67in3/min) on the website, and 600 cc/min (36.6 in3/min) in the manual.

So is the pump I received less powerful than what you previously sold, or is the manual just wrong?

See the attached screen shots.
There was a model change through the pump manufacturer. The website data is correct. The manual information is incorrect. I have sent our documentation department your information of the correct data and the manual will need to be changed.
OK, thanks. Also, when I registered the pump under Product Registration on the website, it put the same description as the manual:

Product Number: E12139
Reversing hydraulic pump for use with steering systems equipped with 3.1–6.7 cubic inch (50cc –110cc) hydraulic steering rams.

So if that is incorrect, it will need to be changed there as well I suppose.
That is incorrect there too. I will make sure it is changed there too. Thanks for the heads up.
Cool. Thanks for clarifying the pump specs. I was having a bit of a panic moment when I read the specs in the manual.
I apologize for the confusion, and again thanks for the heads up on the incorrect data. Let us know if you have future questions.
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