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Full Version: [CA] Difference in capabilities and features between Quantum 2 and HD 24 inch
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What are the differences in features and capabilities between these two radars besides range?

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Karlista,

- Quantum and Quantum 2 Radomes feature CHIRP pulse compression radar, while HD Radomes feature a magnetron. As a result, Quantum 2 radomes feature lower power consumption (a primary concern of sailing vessels) and and instant-on capability.

- Quantum 2 Radomes feature Doppler collision avoidance technology, while HD Radomes do not.

- HD Radomes support dual range capability, while Quantum & Quantum 2 Radomes do not

- HD Radomes feature support for bird mode, while Quantum & Quantum 2 Radomes do not.

- HD Radomes feature 48 RPM mode (a benefit for fast moving vessels) while Quantum 2 radomes do not
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