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Full Version: [CA] Data App - Presentation Styles
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I am running a LH2, v19.03 system. In the data application, one of the default pages featured a ruler-like data element at the bottom center data cell. However, after editing that cell I am unable to duplicate the default element again.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jwasko,

The MFD's Ruler feature is detailed within Chapter 14.25 Measuring distances and bearings of the LightHouse II Release 19 Operating Instructions. Is this the feature which you are describing? Is the Ruler feature functioning as described within this section of the operating instructions? If this is not the feature which you are describing, then please provide another description.
In section 17.4 of the LH2 Operating Instructions pg 282 is a screen shot showing an engine example that includes the data item I am referring to. Also in section 17.7 a graphic is shown with a similar data item. In both graphics, the data item of interest is located in the bottom center data cell.

The data item which you have referred to is the rudder angle indicator, also known as the rudder bar. This graphical data item is only available within the pre-configured Data application data panels. Should this data item have been deleted or replaced within one of the pre-configured Data application data panels, then it along with each of the MFD's Data application data panels may be restored via the Data application's command sequence MENU->CUSTOMIZE->RESET ALL PAGES.
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