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Full Version: [CA] AXIOM Pro Waypoint Heading
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I entered my waypoints and the heading is not displayed. The distance is shown to the waypoint, but not the heading. All data is shown in the my data slide for waypoint, COG, distance, etc.

Can't find anything is settings or in the manual to correct this.
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Upon commanding the MFD to Go To Waypoint/Cursor position or to Follow Route, the Heading data item will not be populated with the bearing to the waypoint. Instead, should the MFD be receiving a GPS position FIX, then this information will be populated within the BTW (Bearing To Waypoint) data item. This data item may be used to populate a data cell within the Data application's panels or within the Databar of an Axiom or Axiom Pro MFD which has been update with LightHouse 3.4.66 or later software.
I update the software to current version and I still can't get the bearing to waypoint to appear. I can't find anything in the manual to explain why it isn't showing. Please see attached pic of my screen.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Your MFD's screen appears to have been configured to display the Heading data item. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, the heading data item will be dashed if the system has not been interfaced to a source of heading data or that source of heading data has been switched OFF. Should the MFD not be interfaced to a source of heading data, then you may want to consider changing the Heading data item overlay to instead display Course Over Ground (COG). Additionally, Bearing To Waypoint (BTW) data is among the default data items included within the MFD's Dashboard feature. The BTW data item may also be added as a data overlay.
Thanks Chuck, My MDF is stand alone so that makes sense. I'll go into the overlay and add BTW.
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