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Full Version: [CA] Dsm300 and airmar tm265lh
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Hello, the hull I purchased is fitted with an airmar tm265lh. I am installing my Raymarine package with a dsm300 and pair of c97 displays. Is it possible to use this transducer?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Iwhitevt,

The TL265LH CHIRP transducer is not compatible with 50kHz / 200kHz fishfinder sounders modules (ex. CP370, CP300, DSM30, DSM300, DSM250). Raymarine's 50kHz / 200kHz fishfinder sounders modules are compatible with the transducers found here. While it may be possible to interface the TL265LH CHIRP transducer to a CP470 CHIRP Sounder Module, which in turn may be interfaced to the MFD, it would be recommended that Airmar be consulted prior to making any purchases. Raymarine only supports the use of the CP470 with Raymarine branded CHIRP transducers (also produced by Airmar).
Okay, thanks!!
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