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Full Version: (DG) Raydata speed transducer
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I have an old Raydata on the boat, and I would like to keep it as a back up system. The speed and temperature transducer seem to be not working as the temperature continues to rise almost infinity. the depth transducer works OK.

The current transducer is a retractable transducer in a brass housing. Are there replacement transducers available that will fit in the same housing?
Dear OLMako20
Thankyou foryour enquiry.

If the current transducer is a combined depth and speed transducer, then you will need an 'Active Insert', which you will need to order direct from Airmar or from Gemeco click here

This insert has a cable which will need to be spliced into the cable currently running from the combined transducer to the RayData.

If you have a separate speed and separate depth Transducer, then check the diameter of the INSIDE of the hull fitting, if it is 41mm then it is the early style and again a replacement will have to be ordered from Airmar or Gemeco. If it is 31mm, then an insert from the current Raymarine through hull Plastic transducer, E26031 can be used.

Thank you Derek, it looks like it does measure the 31mm so the E26031 should work. I noticed that the E26031 comes with a plastic housing. Will the retractable insert work in the brass housing that is already installed in the boat?
Hi OLMako20

Thank you for your feedback.

The insert is the same whether the housing is brass or plastic.

best regards
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