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Full Version: [CA] adapter cable
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We are replacing an e127 with a E70482-00-LNC AXIOM Pro 12 S.

What adapter cable do I need to connect the existing A80171 D/T ducer to the new Axiom Pro S?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum philemi,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing transducers which may be mated to an Axiom Pro S MFD. Per the referenced FAQ, the Axiom Pro S MFDs may only be directly interfaced to CPT-S transducers. A CP370 50kHz / 200kHz transducer would need to be added to the system to support use of a 50kHz / 200kHz transducer such as the P319 ... and to that end, it would be recommended that the E66013 variant of the P319 or another CP370 compatible transducer be used.
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