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Full Version: Seatalk set up
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The system

newest digital radar
autopilot pump and actuater switch av 100
monitor c series

It came as part kit Included ev1 backbone kit
I installed the spur adapter with split wires to av100
does this power the backbone?? The book says no?
I also hooked up the red /black spur power wire to backbone. Is this redundant?
Thanks for your help
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

Unlike the ACU200 and ACU400, the ACU100 is not designed to supply power to a SeaTalkng backbone. As such, the SeaTalkng Power Cable must be installed and connected to a switched 12VDC power circuit and protected with a 5A fuse/breaker.
Thanks Chuck,
You guys (and ladies) are sure very helpful and we appreciate you.
Why does it have a split 5 wire to spur cable plug in than?on the acu 100?
The reason for the split Seatalk NG spur cable is the ACU-100 has a bare wire terminal strip installation for the Seatalk NG port. The terminal strip is color coded.
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