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Full Version: [CA] Issues with Networked Axion 9 Units
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I thank you in advance for your awesome Customer Support.

- I have two of your axiom 9 units running off of one transducer and networked together using the ray net cable.
- My original unit worked flawlessly last year which is what led me to purchase a second.
- Both units have latest software

- I can run my chart plotter on one unit and fish finder(s) on the second just fine. When I try and run separate fish finders (Ex: Down scan & Sonar) on separate units I cannot. Whatever I display on the master is displayed on the secondary. This somewhat defeats the purpose of having two so I am sure it is a setting issue

- On the master unit when I change from Chart plotter to fish finder and then back to chart plotter two things happen:
1- the range is always set to an insanely large radius showing about 200 miles – is there a way to change the default.

2- it takes an excessive amount of time for the charts to load on the master unit – I get a yellow circle that looks like it indicates status.

Please help .
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Wstandis,

It is recommended it that the software level within each MFD be verified, that the software be updated to v3.4.66 if not already at that version within each MFD, and that a Factory Reset (HOME->SETTINGS->THIS DISPLAY->FACTORY RESET) then be commanded to each MFD address this issue. Should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that the chart card be moved to the other MFD and that the Chart application then be tested within each MFD. Should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that the chart card be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Thanks chuck - I am at the current software version - I will try swapping out the card to the other MFD.

In the meantime any guidance to the other two questions?

Displaying different sonar options across the two units or the scale default when switching back to my chart?


Please see the reference to perform a Factory reset operation to both MFDs as the first action to be taken after having verified that the software within each MFD is v3.4.66. This recommendation was provided to correct each of the behaviors which you have reported.
I performed the factory reset and it appears I am having difficulty obtaining a satellite fix on both units? Been about 10 minutes.

Chart still defaults to 2000 feet every time I teturn to it and I still can’t show two different types of fish finders

The Axiom MFDs are designed to share cartography, radar, fishfinder, thermal camera, satellite weather, and IP camera resources when interfaced to one another via an Ethernet network. The same cannot be accomplished via by simply interfacing the MFDs to one another via a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. When so interfaced via an Ethernet network, the MFDs will also share pages. Accordingly, should the operator configure the full page Fishfinder application displayed by the pre-configured Home screen's Fishfinder application page icon, then any changes made to the sonar channel selected will also effect the Fishfinder application of another one of the system's MFDs displayed by selecting the same Fishfinder application page icon on the Home screen. Should one desire to display DownVision sonar on one of the MFDs and high CHIRP sonar on the other MFD, then it would be recommended that the page icons of Home screen be modified to include two full screen Fishfinder application page icons ... one will be titled DownVision FF and the other will be titled CHIRP FF ( or FF Page 1 and FF Page 2, etc.). After doing so, the operator will select the Home screen's DownVision FF page icon and then configure the displayed FF page to display the DownVision FF channel. After doing so, the operator will select the Home screen's CHIRP FF page icon and then configure the displayed FF page to display the high CHIRP Sonar channel.

Regarding the GPS performance issue reported, please indicate whether the MFDs have been installed in a location affording at least one of the MFDs a clear view of the skies overhead and that the MFD's Data Sources feature has been configured to specify that the MFD satisfying the installation location described above has been designated as the system's source for GPS data. If interfaced to an external GPS sensor (ex. Raystar 130, Raystar 150, etc., then the external GPS sensor should be specified as the system's GPS data source).

Regarding the Chart application defaulting to 2000 ft., should the system not have acquired a GPS position FIX, then this will be the default range when the Chart application is displayed. Should the MFD have acquired a GPS position FIX and should a Chart application page be closed, then the next time that the SAME Chart application page (see the response above concerning sharing of the Home screen's page icons) is opened, the Chart application should revert to the same range level as had been previously viewed.

Please additionally note that the LightHouse 3 v3.5.40 software update appears to have now corrected all Navionics chart sharing issues which we are presently aware of. Accordingly, should your MFDs be interfaced to one another as specified above and should the MFDs not presently have been updated with LightHouse 3 v3.5.40 software, then it would be recommended that this action be taken to address any cartography sharing issue(s).
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