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Full Version: [CA] Wind Transducer
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Hello, I have older Raytheon ST60's and I am not getting a wind speed indication and the cups are not spinning (recently lubed and it spun briefly). Please advise if a R28170 or a R28171 are "plug and play" with the Raytheon?? Do you think replacing the transducer is what I need to do??
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Drew,

The R28170 or a R28171 Masthead Wind Transducers are indeed designed for use with ST60 Wind instruments. However, these mastheads are not compatible with ST50 and ST50+ Wind Instruments and wind instrument designs preceding these. Should you opt to have your R28170 or a R28171 Masthead Wind Transducer serviced, it may be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. After repairing or replacing a wind transducer, the wind instrument must be re-calibrated.
Hi Chuck, thank you for the welcome and for the information, much appreciated!
You're welcome.
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