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Full Version: [CA] Fugawi Marine 5 retired April 2018. What about Voyage Planner
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Chuck; you stated in a post today that Voyage Planner is a stripped down version of Fugawi Marine 5. I went to their web site and it has a note that the software was retired April 2018. What will become of Voyage Planner? Is there a replacement?

Will Voyage Planner run on a Chrome OS or Android OS?

At the end of a long fishing or diving day, I would like to have on-board either a Windows laptop or Chrome laptop and use it to upload live sonar charts to Navionics web site, download updated charts from Navionics, and do way-point planning for the next day. What is the best process to accomplish these tasks?

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum karlista,

While it is not currently expected that any further features will be added to Voyage Planner, Raymarine and Johnson Outdoors (Fugawi) continue to sell and to provide technical support for Voyage Planner.

Voyage Planner is exclusively compatible with:
- Windows Vista
- Windows 7
- Windows 8
- Windows 10*

Apple OSx is not supported. Microsoft, Apple, Android, Chrome, etc. tablet and smartphone operating systems are likewise not supported.

*Touch operation such as panning the chart may show inconsistent behavior. In such cases it is recommended to resort to mouse or keyboard control.
Thanks Chuck.
You're welcome.
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