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Full Version: [CA] RL70C upgrade Software
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I have a 2004 Rinker 342 with original RL70C and 250 box. My temp reads 140F all the time and I keep getting a intermittent "sonar unavailable" alarm. Everything else seems to work, depth and radar etc. I have unplugged all cables to the box and have factory reset the RL70C with no change. Is their a solution to this, short of replacing everything? I have read where some have had Raymarine upgrade the software of the RL70C and then use a DS300. If this is an option would I have to replace the transducer and if so, what transducer would drop into the existing thru hull or does the whole unit have to be replace? The boat is used primarily for pleasure but like everyone else, I would like everything working they way its intended. Thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Seamonkeys,

Regarding the temperature problem, Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. In order to address transducer replacement, it would be necessary to know the model / part number of the transducer which is presently installed onboard.

Regarding the Sonar Unavailable message, it is recommended that the hsb cable connecting the DSM250 to the system be unplugged from the DSM and from the Y-Cable, that the plugs be inspected for signs of corrosion, and that they be re-seated. Should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that the loaded system voltage supplied to the DSM be measured at the DSM's power plug to ensure that it is within the operating range of the DSM. If so, then it is recommended that the DSM's Status LED be examined at the time that the problem is reported. The DSM250's Manual includes information on the Status LED's codes. Raymarine's Product Repair Center can no longer service Pathfinders Series Displays nor DSM250s.

Regarding software updates kits for hsb2 Pathfinder Series Displays, these kits are no longer available. When a DSM300 is interfaced to a hsb2 Pathfinder Series Display, the DSM will automatically update the hsb2 Pathfinder Series Display's software via the hsb2 communications interface. Should an operational DSM300 be found within the second hand market, then you will additionally need source (recommend Internet search) the R69081 4-Pin to 3-Pin Hsb2 Adapter (no longer available from Raymarine).
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