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Full Version: Dragonfly power supply cable questions
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On my fishfinders, I always leave the power supply cable attached to the head unit at all times, with a short pigtail and quick-disconnect plug. I attach the pigtail to a dash-mounted matching receptacle when I need to use it. Switch and fuse controlling the receptacle, of course.

This does several things for me:

1. Avoids wear & tear on the connector and the pins & sockets.
2. Keeps dirt, water and corrosion off the pins and sockets.
3. Allows me to safely store the cable off the boat with the head unit.
4. Allows positively disconnecting power when I don't need it.

With the Dragonfly, the Sonar and Power cable both use the same connector. This means I will have to connect it every time I want to use it. I will also have to find a place on the boat to store and protect the cable end when I'm not using it.

Is there any way around this issue? Can I at least get a "dummy" connector just like the one on the head unit, so I can "park" the cable end out of harms way when I'm not using it?

Is the connector pair a proprietary Raymarine item, or is it a standard industrial connector?

I have had to replace the power cable multiple times on my old Raytheon/Apelco and Lowrance units, because the connectors all just get corroded and/or fall apart. With the Raymarine cable, it looks like I would have to replace the whole transducer assembly if the connector goes bad.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jetboater,

The Dragonfly transducer/power cable's plug is of a proprietary design. Raymarine has produced a rubber cap with leash to secure the cap to the cable. Should you send me a message with your shipping address, I will send one to you.
Thanks Chuck, but I haven't bought one yet. You might consider designing a "panel mount" receptacle with a cover that would keep the wiring protected behind the console. Even with your rubber cap and leash, I'd have to tie it up somewhere with a cable tie. I have an open boat, so there's not many places to hide a cable out of the weather.

Thanks for the accessory suggestion. It will be logged accordingly.

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