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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom 12 MFD and an RV-220 Issue
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I recently purchased and installed (or my marine electronics mechanic did..) an Axiom 12 MFD and an RV-220 (20 degree starboard) transducer.

When he connects the transducer to the Axiom it doesn't register...like its not there.
I bought the one transducer (Individual RealVision 3Dâ„¢ Thru-Hull CHIRP Transducer, Starboard) because Raymarine technical service told me "when you get one, its usually the starboard". Or at least that's what the guy on the phone told me that day.

Since its been installed, my mechanic is going nuts trying to figure out why it wont work. He called Raymarine and the guy he spoke to said "you need two of them". Thats the first I've heard of that. And I don't see anywhere on the website where it says you need to have two of them to work? Is that true?

I find it hard to believe that the unit is defective or broken right out of the box.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jerry,

Indeed it is necessary to install both the port and starboard RealVision split pair transducers when considering installation of the RV-212 or RV-220. Per the information found on page 13 of the REALVISIONâ„¢ RV-2xx 3D Bronze Transducer Installation instructions, "Your installation should comprise either a single RV-200 transducer, or a split-pair of RV-212(P/S) or RV-220(P/S) transducers." Raymarine posts its Product Documentation on its website to permit customers to review the installation and operation documentation prior to making any product purchases.
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