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Full Version: (DG) Triducer installation
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I have just installed the thru hull for my triducer and am little confused by which 0-rings i should have on. I believe it is the DST800V that I have as the housing has the flap that closes over and the insert does not have the ribs that the older model has. However the insert has a black O-ring at the top and the yellow one mentioned in the instructions is in the box. Should I be removing the black o-ring and putting the yellow in its place? See attached picture
Hi mwalsh7

Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes,you will need to replace the Black O ring with the yellow one, please ensure to use some lubricant - such as biodegradable soap or similar to lubricate both O seals before inserting the insert. Without lubricant the insert will be very stiff and will not seat fully.

I ordered the DST800V through amazon.ca (supplied by amazon not a 3rd party) as part of the i70 system kit.
The instructions talk about a yellow o-ring but the one on the transducer was black and the one in the replacement kit for non-valve thru-hulls was also black (and thinner).

I tried phone support but had no luck reaching anyone who could help - I was told by the one person I got hold of not to worry about it just use it as is.

Hi stanb

The Yellow O-Ring is thicker and when greased will give a tighter seal and is the advice we received from Airmar who supply the transducers.

Best regards
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