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Full Version: [CA11] Raymarine ais700 utc invalid sync
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Receiving this message in AIS alarms list:
Id:7, AIS:utc sync invalid, fault no ack no

Is there a way to fix this? I am linked to Raymarine e-120
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tfvassallo,

The reported symptom will occur if the AIS700's GPS receiver has lost its GPS position FIX. Should this error be reported after the AIS700 has been switched ON for a period of time and the AIS700's passive GPS antenna has been afforded an unobstructed view of the skies overhead throughout, then it may indicate a problem with the AIS700's passive GPS antenna or with the AIS700's internal GPS receiver. In such cases of failure, it would be recommended that the AIS700's permanently installed passive GPS antenna cable be inspected to ensure that it has not been damaged or modified and if so, that the AIS700's GPS antenna be replaced. Fault isolation within the field or at Raymarine’s Product Repair Center will typically be accomplished by testing the AIS700 with a compatible passive GPS antenna which is known to be operational.

This symptom may also occur during the first few minutes after the marine electronics system powered ON after being in the OFF power state. During this period, the AIS700 will be attempting to acquire a GPS position FIX and acquire UTC time from the GPS satellites. If seeking to avoid having the system not report/alarm with the subject error message, then it would be recommended that the circuit supplying the AIS700 be switched ON and permitted to remain on for sufficient length of time to permit the AIS700 to acquire a GPS position FIX (typical acquisition time is less than three minutes) prior to switching on circuits supplying power to the remainder of the marine electronics system.
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