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Full Version: (DG11) Seatalk NG Starter Kit Questions
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Hello, I have read just about every link and post provided however a very basic question has not been answered.

I see in every diagram, that a Seatalk NG power cable is plugged into the blue backbone with a white to blue T.
There is not a single reference diagram with the basic kit showing if it allowed to simply plug the white end of the power cable into an empty white port on the Seatalk NG switch.

With my Starter kit, I have two blue terminators, and 3 white blanks.

I plan to use the white blanks as such:

1. Power
2. Spur to MFD
3. Devicenet cable 06045 to NMEA200

I have an Axiom 12 and an Axiom Pro 12 connected to each other with Raynet 62361.

RV-100 Transducer connected to the Axiom Pro 12.
iCom VHF connected Pro 12 via NMEA 0183 cables

Not sure why I need power on the Seatalk NG, perhaps for the legacy thru hull Transducers?

So simply, put can I put the power into the white port or do I need to use a Blue-white T into backbone?

I will also add a Ray 52, does that connect with a Raynet Spurs or through the NMEA 2000? I hope it over Raynet spur.
Hi kaptkaos

Thank you for your enquiry.

STng is a CANBUS type network, ( Just like NMEA2000) and so it requires its own dedicated 12v power supply, this supply is used to power interfaces connected into the backbone and the small,limited function data displays. You will note that larger products with bigger screens, AIS, Autopilots etc all have their own dedicated power supplies too - simply because they draw too much power for the STng backbone to support.

The Power supply to the backbone can be injected at any point through a spur cable connection, whether it is a dedicated T piece or a block with 3 or more spur cable connectors on it. The key point however is that the power supply needs to be as close to the balance point of the different loads connected throughout the backbone.

Please refer here for more details

The RAY52 will require it's own dedicated power supply and it will need to be connected to the backbone via an STng spur cable

Thanks Derek, how about the two MFD's?

I need to get them on the backbone, which cable do I use for that? THe starter kit came with a spur cable, but that doesnt seem to fit on either of the MFD's. I do have the two MFD's communicating to each other with Raynet 62361 and they can see the chart, and transducer as well as waypoints.

I assume I have to connect one MFD to the backplane.

The Axiom 12 has a network cable coming off the power cable, what exactly is that for?

The Axiom Pro 12 has more ports in the back, but nothing that a spur cable can plug into.
Hi kaptkaos

Thank you for your update.

The AXIOMs share all data between them via the RayNet connections.

They link to the STng backbone via the NMEA2000 connection on the back of the AXIOM PRO, or the Devicenet connector in the AXIOM power cable, you will need to use a devicenet to STng spur cable to plug the Master unit into the Backbone.

I did all this and the Ray 52 doesnt show up on the network.

I used Raymarine A06075 and tried from both the Axiom and Pro 12. I put it into the Starter switch, and I used the NMEA cable provided with the Ray 52 to connect to the Switch.

I started up both screens first, then the Ray 52 last, tried every combination possible and the Ray 52 never shows up on the network list.
Please help with cabling or configuration. Once its up and working, the Axioms should have a DSC menu to send/receive/view DSC messages and contacts, as well as see Location Requests and such on the chart, correct?
Hi kaptkaos,

How are you checking the visibility of the Ray52 on STng? The AXIOM diagnostics in version 3.4 software and later will show the RAY52 as an STng device in the diagnostics section.

Verify the RAY52 will show GPS position from the AXIOM and you can then be sure the RAY52 is connected.

The AXIOMs do not have a DSC menu or ability to send/ receive/ display DSC messages?? I know of a competitor's product which does this, but AXIOM does not.

So if a Ray 52 has its own GPS, and the Axioms do not have DSC functionality, then theres no need to connect them at all. I dont understand how these Axioms are lacking so many basic features that other chartplotters have had for over 10 years.

Raymarine is not the new kid on the block, when are they going to get these Axioms working with a featureset that has been around for 10 years +?

The Ray 52 does not show up on the Diagnostic screen, both Axioms do.

If I would have known this, then I would not have paid the premium for the Ray 52 and just went with an ICOM.
Hi kaptkaos

The AXIOM is a new platform which is fully intended to develop much further with features that enhance the boating experience much further that the current platforms could ever do, however,as you point out, there is a certain amount of catch up to undertake and features such as this are very firmly on the road map.

Glad to know they are firmly on the road map, hopefully we will get some more releases soon.


I still cant get them to talk on the network though, I would like to sort that out.
Hi kaptkaos

Sure - keep an eye on the website for future release news.

The diagnostics should also be improved too.
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