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Full Version: [CA11] I70 Dangerous Targets Alarm always reboots turned ON
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I'm looking to stop this annoyance;

At end of day the boat is tied up I will turn off all navigation equipment on my yachts 24V panel, the next morning I turn the Nav equipment on preparing to leave, everything loads up and the I70 has forgotten my selection to have dangerous target alarm OFF and begins sounding the alarm because I'm in a harbour/ anchorage surrounded by AIS targets, unless i've raced through the menu to select dangerous targets OFF already (if you're too slow the alarm sounds and you're back to square one), the buttons are near destruction because I do this once or twice a day. I have no use for the I70's AIS alarm, I would set the alarm on the MFD if required.

Surely the I70 has memory, it can remember a preference such as depth displayed in feet or metres?

Thanks in advance,
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Matt,

Please note that the reported issue does not occur within our system (feature a MFD) and where all products have been updated with the latest available Raymarine product software updates. Does your system feature a Raymarine MFD? If so, please state the model and version of software which is installed within it. Please state whether you switch on the MFD(s) when you switch Power ON to the backbone. Please additionally specify which version of of software is presently installed within the i70 MFID.
Thanks Chuck,

Our display system involves;

2 x GS125 Model: E70184 on V3.4
3 x Axiom 7 Model: E70363 on V3.4.254
1 x I70 on V3.11
1 x P70 on V3.07

Obviously lots more kit down below including;

AIS 650 on V040200.02.02.00 - I've just spotted a solid red Light on the AIS 650, suggesting a fault but I haven't experienced a problem, we transmit and I can see targets, any tips outside of the manual's suggestions?

To start the day I give power to all navigational equipment on my yachts switch panel and all the raymarine kit begins starting up automatically (without me pressing any individual power on buttons on MFD's etc).


I have been unable to duplicate the reported problem using our systems. Should you have configured the Dangerous Targets and Safety Messages to OFF on your i70 MFID, then these settings should be persistent between power cycles. It is recommended that a Factory Reset be performed to the i70 MFID and that the i70 MFID be reconfigured afterwards. Should the problem persist, then the i70 MFID should be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Okay thanks then, I tried a factory reset before I posted here, so the problem persists.
I think i will have to replace the I70 as we've already started a busy season, unless I can pull the plug & leave it unpowered? As a display it's not used but will this likely break the flow of data between depth/speed/wind and my other MFD's? I'm not sure what role the I70 plays?

Thanks Chuck

For many systems, the i70 MFID will simply be a repeater. However, should the system feature NMEA 2000 Smart Instrument Depth/Speed/Temp transducer and/or analog instrument transducer (ex. wind vane, instrument speed/temp transducer, instrument depth transducer) which have been interfaced to an iTC-5 Analog Instrument Converter, then the i70 will function as the device which calibrates and configures alarms associated these transducers.

That said, like the MFDs, the i70 MFIDs feature a last power state memory feature. Accordingly, should you switch the i70 OFF via its power button and then later switch OFF the circuit which is supplying power to the SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone, then the i70 MFID should remain OFF when it is next powered ON. After the calibration of any instrument transducers which had been interfaced to an iTC-5 has been performed the i70 MFID need not be switched on for data from the associated transducers to be passed to the system. I would recommend that you begin by testing the system with the i70 MFID switched OFF before disconnecting it from the system.
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