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Full Version: [CA11] Wifish not working with zenpad 10
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I have a Asus zenpad 10 android version 7.0 it connects to wifish but it doesn't broadcast data. It works perfect with my Samsung note 8 but not the Asus zenpad. Any suggestions would be great
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum flyin200,

Using your Samsung Note 8, please run the Wi-Fish app to connect to the Wi-Fish. Using the option within the Wi-Fish app, please respond with the version of software which is installed within the Wi-Fish hardware.
I bought it from Bass Pro 3 20 18 I have the 13.25 update waiting for your team to put latest update on website so i can download it. But for now i would love to have the link the 15.05 update it says it fixes connection problems.

Please see the PM sent to you.
Now zenpad 10 will not even connect it keeps dropping signal and says authentication failure.

It is recommended that the tablet's Wi-Fi connection be set to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot through which the tablet may interact with the Internet. After doing so, and verifying that Raymarine's website may be accessed via an Internet browser app, then it would be recommended that the Wi-Fish app be executed and then closed after the app as completed initialization. Doing so will permit the app to register. After doing so, then the tablet's Wi-Fi connection may then be set to communicate with the Wi-Fish hardware and the Wi-Fish app may be executed. Should the problem persist thereafter, then please respond accordingly and additionally specify whether the problem may be duplicated with your Samsung Note 8.
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