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Full Version: [CA11] Time reverts to UTC on i70 after Lighthouse 3 upgrade
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Since upgrading my es98 to Lighthouse 3 I have some strange behaviour on my i70 instruments. When I set the time offset on the i70s to local time it will display the local time for a second or two then revert back to UTC. Nothing I do will let the i70 show local time permanently. This never used to be the case with Lighthouse 2.
Is there a fix for this?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tim,

The software update from LightHouse II to LightHouse 3 will revert many settings within the MFDs back to their default settings. Within systems having MFDs, it is recommended that the time offset from UTC configuration setting, as well as all units settings, be configured within the MFD's settings rather than within the instruments. Please see the image of the portion of the LightHouse 3 Home Screen including local time. Holding your finger pressed atop the displayed time will display an option to configure the Time Offset from UTC.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1893]

It is additionally recommended that you verify that the i70 MFID is operating with the latest available Raymarine product software update.
I already set the es98 to local time, UTC -4. Both the es98 and the i70 have the latest software.
Attached photo shows them side by side. The i70 is showing what it describes as 'local time' but as you can see from the es98 it is actually showing UTC. When I change the i70 to local it shows local for 5 seconds or less then reverts back to UTC.

Should the system feature more than one device which features a GPS receiver, then the MFD's Data Sources feature must be used to specify the GPS data source and Time data source which the system will utilize. Please verify that you have used this MFD configuration setting. It is also possible that another device with the system may be causing the reported issue. Should the problem persist after having addressed the Data Sources item specified above, then please attach a system diagram identifying the make/model of each marine electronics product within the system, and how these items have been interfaced to one another (i.e. via SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000, SeaTalk, NMEA 0183, Ethernet, etc.).
Thanks for this Chuck. I think it's important to state that before the LH3 upgrade this behaviour did not occur. The installation has not been changed in any way.
The only other potential GPS source is a Vesper Marine Watchmate 850 AIS which is setup to only output AIS sentences, (not GPS).
I replicated the error with only the following powered up; es98, i70 x2, DST800, ITC-5. Everything else was turned off.
I'm attaching a schematic of my installation

Please see the portion of my prior response addressing Data Sources. Did you configure the system's Data Source for time via the MFD's Data Sources feature as well?
I haven’t got anything that could potentially be a data source powered up. Only the es98, SPX and i70s are on. I will try and look at data sources on the MFD but I normally get an error that it can’t configure data sources because the SPX is on the network. I’ll pulled the fuse on the SPX then I could see data sources. The es98 is using itself for data and time, nothing else is available. The i70 has a choice of Auto or Internal GPS, I changed from Auto to Internal GPS and the issue remains.

Please click here to view the FAQ addressing why data source selection may be blocked in some systems and how it may be overcome. Once so configured, it should only be necessary to specify data source selection via the MFD, which in turn will communicate source selection to the other devices within the system. It is recommended that the MFD's internal GPS be used as the systems's GPS as well as Date/Time Data Source selections. Again, once these settings have been configured within the MFD, there is no need to duplicate these settings commands within the other components of the Raymarine system.
For information. This issue has now gone away with the latest software.

Thanks for the feedback. I presume that you are referring to the LightHouse 3 v3.7.70 software update?
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