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Full Version: (DG11) Evolution ACU-150 pump requirements
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I'm spec'ing out an AP system, and the EV-150 complete system pack seems most appropriate for my boat. However, I have a contact a Seastar that can get me their own Type 1 AP pump for a very low price. So I'm also pricing out the individual components of the EV-150 pack, to see if I can save some money on the complete system.

My Seastar guy has asked me to confirm if this EV-150 system requires rudder position feedback and/or flow sensing?

Hi tdcooper99

Thank you for your enquiry

In general when using a 3rd party pump, a rudder reference unit will always be recommended since the characteristics of the motor used will differ from Raymarine motors and could lead to rudder position issues. A rudder reference unit will also improve the performance of an autopilot system as well.

Thanks. So what rudder reference sensor would I need for my single stern drive? The only one I can find on raymarine.com is part number M81105, the rotary rudder reference unit. But that doesn't seem right for my setup.
Hi tdcooper99

The rotary rudder reference unit M81105 is the only one we make, it is either mounted vertically on the inboard side of the transom - in cases where space is tight, it can also be connected through the transom onto the outboard side of the drive leg using a stainless steel sheathed borden cable.

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