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Full Version: C120 compared to a C127
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My C120 just stopped working. It won't turn on , no beeps ,no nothing. It does have power going to the unit. Im looking to move to a C127MFD. Id like to know if it would be a quick flip or would there be changes id have to do as far as making the connections.
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Should the C-Series Classic MFD be interfaced to a DSM250 fishfinder sounder module, radome, or open array radar pedestal, then these devices would additionally need to be replaced when replacing a C-Series Classic MFD with an a/c/e/eS-Series MFD. Any transducer which is presently mated to a DSM250 may be adapted (w/E66066 Transducer Adapter) for use with an ax7, cx7, e7D, ex7, or eSx7 MFD. Please click here to view a FAQ providing more complete information on this subject.
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