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Full Version: [CA11] autohelm with p-70 head not accepting garmin gwind nmea 2000 data
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hello I have the evo wheel unit with the P-70 control head, the head is picking up all nmea 2000 sources EXCEPT my new garmin wired Gwind unit, unit operates normally with my garmin gpsmap720 under track mode and my 3 garmin gmi 20 4" heads up display units, but when wind vane is selected p70 states "Source selection not possible, Consult manual for more information" i cannot find anything in the manual, please advise on how to correct this issue

please note all garmin software/firmware is up to date

best regards
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Relentless,

Does your Garmin GWind feature a Garmin GWind display (used for calibration of the wind transducer) in addition to the GWind masthead wind transducer?
Yes and no, it used a GMI 20 4" multi function display which I have 3 of, it is sending data to my garmin chart plotter but not my autohelm, but no not a "stand alone" display just for the wind unit.

its a mast unit that goes to a GND 10 black box Nexus/Nmea 2000 networked to the displays


I have spoken with garmin tech support as well, everything is functional on the nmea2000/garmin network, there suggestion was check PGN compatibility on your end, raymarmine network end is showing every device on on the network except the GND10 black box

page 3 for PGN info

What versions of software are installed within the EV-1 CCU, ACU100, and p70?
all available details below according to p-70 display

p-70 display details
serial 0941293
bootloader version v1.01
temp 29.36*C
volts 12.6v
max volts 16.09v
current 118ma
max current 174ma
runtime 2595:10
deviation 9*
can address 2
software v3.07

EV-1 details
nmea code 29086
product id e70096
serial 0151347
software v1.11
pcb num 1
can volts 11.85v
init volts 11.86v
op hours 237:56
deviation 9*

acu 100 details
manufacturer code 28398
model id e70098
serial 0350151
software 1.10
can address 172

This is very early software indeed. As early software had issues with such communications, it is recommended that the software within the Evolution autopilot components be updated. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how Raymarine autpilot and/or instrument software may be updated when the system lacks a Raymarine MFD.
Is it possible to get a cable and link a laptop to the seatalk NG network and update that way? as I am running a garmin plotter I cannot perform the updates?
After reading everything about these connections my head is spinning. I'm trying to connect my old style 100/300 autopilot computer into my Garmin backbone network using a new p70R controller. When I connect to the Garmin N2K backbone via a Devicenet male adapter on the controller end to NMEA 2K on the backbone end, I get 12v power, depth from my new Garmin transducer, unit says "no pilot", no heading indicator, no rudder indicator, etc. When I then connect my Sealtalk1 (I eliminated the 12v power source at the course computer) "signal" via a D244 junction block and a Seatalk1 to Seatalkng adapter cable connected to the p70R, I then get heading, rudder indicator, standby, same depth, and SOG. The N2K data is coming from my chartplotter and is accurately feeding an adjacent Garmin GMI20 controller, and the Seatalk is coming from my old course computer via my old gps antenna and old depth transducer. When I attempt to determine conflicts between the two signals, I went into setup on the p70R to determine the data sources and potential conflicts, but get a "not possible" at every data source. On the output of the plotter, all data signals are "turned on" for 0183 and N2K. When I attempt to follow a waypoint or route, I get a "no data" on the P70Rs. Ideas?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do as you have suggested. Please refer to the FAQ referenced within my last response regarding how Raymarine autopilot and/or instrument software may be updated when the system lacks a Raymarine MFD.
Just wanted to update this file, the software update for the autopilot corrected the issue, the store I bought my raymarine gear from was happy to update it free of charge(talk about service)
Cheers all
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