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Full Version: [CA11] customizing axiom page
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how do I get the fish finder pages to display individually.3d,sonar,side scan,
and down view.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum djy,

In a nutshell, you will need to customize 4 of the MFDs chart application page icons to create page icons within the Homescreen, each having a single application pane which has been designated to run the Fishfinder application. It is recommended that these page icons be named to reflect the type of fishfinder sonar (3D, Sonar, SideVision, or DownVision) which it will display. After doing so, then then the pages would be opened one by one and the desired Fishfinder channel (3D, Sonar, SideVision, or DownVision) would then be configured to be displayed from within the page's Fishfinder menu. Detailed instructions regarding how to customize the Homescreen's page icons may be found within 5.3 Creating / Customizing an App page of the LightHouse 3.4 Advanced Operation Instructions.
Thanks that what I came up with.just had a brain freeze when I was on the boat.
You're welcome.
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