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Full Version: [CA11] Upgrade C120 to E120 Classic
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Hi. On my boat (2005 Searay 420 Sundancer) I have the C120 (classic). It is probably a 2005 or 2004. The display is slower and more washed out than the 2005 E120 classic that I had on my previous boat. Online it seems you can get an E120 classic with power cable and sun cover that are in excellent condition (looks like new) for a reasonable price. I looked at the cutout templates and they are identical. Should everything be plug and play if I drop in the E120 classic in place of the C120? In other words, my existing 4k open array radar, SmartPilot ST7001, Raystar 120 GPS, Ray230 VHF, etc all just unplug from the C120 classic and plug into the E120 classic? Thanks.
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The sockets of the E-Series Classic MFDs and C-Series Classic MFDs are identical for the MFD's Power Cable, Analog Radar Cable, and NMEA 0183 Cables. The SeaTalk socket of the C-Series Classic MFDs was designed to accommodate a press-fit 3-pin SeaTalk plug. In contrast, the SeaTalk/Alarm Cable of the E-Series Classic MFD features a twist locking 6-pin connector. As such, the currently installed SeaTalk cable's leads would need to be spliced to E-Series Classic MFD's SeaTalk/Alarm Cable (red to red, yellow to yellow, and shield to black respectively).
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