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Full Version: [CA11] CPT-200 Blurred Water Area
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This post is being written to ask if there is any adjustment for the CPT-200 transducer / module that may clear up the blurred water areas outlined in red. Transducer elements are adjusted as far toward the water (away from sea floor) as possible. Turbulence should not be an issue as the vessel was traveling at 0.3 knots. The mounting configuration is shown in the image attached to my 30 Apr 2018 thread to post titled “CPT-200 Transducer Installation.”

The objective to having the transducer elements adjusted as far toward the water (away from sea floor) as possible and the need for clear water areas is to clearly see bait pods while trolling for tuna.
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In practice, we have found that the CPT-200's elements typically yield the best imaging when positioned in the middle setting. I have seen similar imaging on my own vessel when the CPT-200 has kicked up. It is recommended that the CPT-200 be inspected to ensure that it is in the correct orientation. If properly positioned and should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that the CP200 be switched OFF, and then ON again. After doing so, the system should be tested when operating at trolling speed with submerged structure abeam (on the side of the vessel on which the transducer is installed) and within 100' of the vessel.

Should the problem persist, then please add another photo of the imaging produced by the CP200 when operating as described above.
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