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Full Version: [CA11] no image on downscan on the pro7
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The pro 7 is new to me and new to the boat. As you can see my sonar works but I cant get brush pile images on my downscan. Even at higher speeds I do not lose bottom lock on the sonar but can never see trees and brush piles. I tried adjusting gain and contrast etc.... but still no luck. Sometimes I will see the bottom on the downscan but never a good pic like the tutorials or demo mode then it goes away.
Suggestions ??
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum llaserdoc,

Please click here to view a FAQ related to this subject. Does the reported symptom occur when the vessel is moving at trolling speeds?
Yes it does.

The image which you had attached show now imaging at all for DownVision. Should the Dragonfly Pro 7 be operating with the latest available Raymarine product software update, be operating with its default (Auto) settings, its transducer cable not have been damaged or modified (to include cutting/splicing), DownVision be monitored at trolling speeds, and the DownVision sonar not produce imaging when passing over structure, then it would be recommended that the Dragonfly display be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. Should the Dragonfly transducer be easily removed then it would be recommended that it accompany the display when shipped to the Repair Center.

Should the Dragonfly transducer cable have been damaged or modified, then the Dragonfly transducer should be replaced.
see attached images

Thanks for the additionally supporting photographs. The DownVision sonar is most definitely not plotting within the screen snapshot shown. It is recommended that the Dragonfly's power/transducer socket be inspected for bent or broken pins, as this may be the cause of the reported issue. Bending or breaking of pins may occur if the power/transducer socket's locking ring is rotated beyond it stops, causing the plug to be rotated within the socket. Given the symptoms, it is recommended that the MFD be sent to sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced per my earlier response as long as the transducer's cable has not been damaged or modified.
I will check the connection in a few days and let you know
You're welcome.
Chuck, I went to my boat storage and I found the problem. The person who puts the boats on the rack knocked the transducer off 2 times and tried to reinstall it. The transducer was cracked. I have ordered a new transducer and will install it soon.

To avoid this happening again would you move the transducer straight up about 2 or 3 inches ? In the picture you can see it is under the hull of the boat with the current mount. Does the transducer need to be positioned at the bottom of the hull or can it be raised up to avoid being hit again

Please be aware that relocating the transducer to a higher location should permit the transducer to support operation while operating at trolling speeds (the speed range at which DownVision technology is designed to produce its best imaging), but would prohibit the transducer from maintaining contact with a non-aerated flow of water while operating at speeds approaching planing speed and while operating on plane.
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