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Full Version: [CA11] RD418D stop working / context number
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My brand new RD418D (model E92129) stop working after two months. It was working great till last week.
It warms up ok. Then it sweeps onces and it goes black. After reading some posts on the forum the general suggestion is to check voltage on dome and wire continuity.
Before I do that I would like to know the meaning of the context number that shows during the warm up pop up window and on the radar display. It shows on the MDF next to the range box. May be the radar is telling me what is wrong and I can't understand it. I'm going to try to post a pic with the number inside red ovals.
I've seen different values and letters, but note that I have a negative value on this box now. What is this number?
Any help beside checking voltage, cable, disconnect and reconnect the radar?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum esteller,

The circled number was added within the LightHouse 2 and LightHouse 3 software to indicate the serial number of the radar antenna (radome or open array pedestal was in use by the Radar application being viewed. The displayed number is not an indicator of a problem. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to troubleshoot such problems with Digital radomes. As the MFD appears to be communicating with the radome, the Ethernet communications elements of the Digital Radar Cable appear to be sound and the corresponding troubleshooting portions of the referenced FAQ may be skipped.
Thanks for your help. I will check the voltage this coming weekend. I hope it's a low voltage problem.
You're welcome.
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