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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom Pro 12 - Navionics Platinum plus issue
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I have an Axiom 12 and an Axiom Pro 12. The pro 12 has a Navionics Platinum plus Micro SD card in the lower slot. The first 3 trips of the year, the system worked Great. On Friday, every time I selected my chart, the Pro 12 would reboot. The axiom 12 would even reboot if I selected the chart. When I remove the SD card, the system will go to the chart without rebooting. While on the chart, I can insert the sd card and it will show all of the features of the Navionics platinum plus card. The Axiom will go to the chart, but will not pull up the Navionics data.

Like I said, it worked perfectly the first 3 trips of the year. What could be the problem?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum West32,

Raymarine is currently investigating problems associated with Navionics cartography when used with Axiom and Axiom Pro MFDs running LightHouse 3 v3.3.170 or v3.4.66 software. Navionics cartography access/viewing problems related to software design errors are expected to be corrected within the LightHouse 3 v3.5.xx software update currently scheduled for mid to late Q3. One symptom is failure of the Axiom Pro MFDs to access or share Navionics cartography which is present within the reader of one of the system's Axiom Pro MFDs. In systems featuring an Axiom MFD, eS-Series MFD, or gS-Series MFD in addition to an Axiom Pro MFD, it is recommended that the chart card be moved from the Axiom Pro MFD to one of these other MFDs, which will in turn share the cartography with the Axiom Pro MFD.

The reported issue may also result from a problem with the Navionics chart card media and/or the cartography stored on the chart card. Testing the chart card with another Axiom Pro MFD running the same software and achieving similar results would rule out any hardware problems with the MFD's memory card reader. In the case of systems featuring an Axiom MFD, eS-Series MFD, or gS-Series MFD in addition to an Axiom Pro MFD, testing the chart card within these MFDs would be advised.
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