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Full Version: [DG11] Quantum 2 software update and ARPA capability
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I just just purchased a Quantum 2 radar to replace my Furuno DS4W on my sailing boat mostly because of the low power consumption, low wheight, Doppler capability and ARPA capability.

To my surprise, it came with a leaflet basically saying that the ARPA capability was not yet available at this time and that the software had to be updated to add this capability, is this still true or is my radar (serial number 0580090) part of an early batch which did not have the latest software loaded at the factory ?
However, there is no software update at all available for the Quantum 2 on your site.
Please note that this radar seems to be one of the first delivered in Europe, which might explain why it does not have ARPA built in

As the ARPA capability was one of the reasons of my choice, I was of course a bit disapointed.

Could you give me an idea of when the update including ARPA will be available and if any of the other capabilities mentioned on the manuals are also « not yet available » ?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi Serge,

I Have been advised that further testing is ongoing regarding the implementation of vectors in Doppler assisted ARPA and we now plan to launch the software update for Quantum 2 in Late August 2018.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am sure you agree that this feature has to be correct.

Thanks Dereck, I will be waiting for this update
As always, thanks for your informed and timely answers

Hi Serge,
Your'e most welcome

Any update on ARPA??

Dear schomakr,

Thank you for your query.

Before I answer your question, can you tell me what MFD you have connected to the Quantum 2 and what level of software you are running.

Many Thanks
Thanks - Axiom 9 - v3.6.32
Hi schomakr,

If you can update to the current version, 3.9, we introduced the following features in 3.8 and there are even more new features in 3.9

Collision Avoidance Predicted Area of Danger Overlay
Dynamic Target Intercept Calculations

Please check out this page for more details.
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