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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom 9 questions
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I have 2 units networked but I can’t seem to get the forward transducer to show on bow unit. When I go to select transducer, the only option is the 3dr transducer which is on the transom. I have a HotMaps card and am not seeing the same information on the bow unit as far as depth lines even though I have the same selection made as the console unit.
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The following response assumes that the MFD in question is an Axiom RV MFD and that a RV transducer has been interfaced to the MFD. Should this not be the case, then please respond with the model of MFD installed on the bow and the model(s) of transducer(s) which has been interfaced to it. Please additionally specify the version of LightHouse 3 software which is installed within each of the MFDs.

Transducer Selection is not required to accomplish the end being sought. Instead, the operator should be using the Channel Selection feature (MENU->ALL CHANNELS->INTERNAL SOUNDER->REALVISION 3D/SIDEVISION/DOWNVISION/SONAR (choose from one of these)) of the Fishfinder application (be certain to select the correct MFD) to specify which MFD's sonar circuitry will be used within the Fishfinder application page/pane being viewed.
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