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Full Version: Part number for flush mount kit for new Dragonfly 5Pro
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What is the part number for flush mount kit for new Dragonfly 5Pro?

Is it A80366 or A80223?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum vetting82,

The part number for the Dragonfly 4/5 Display Flush Mounting Kit is A80366.
So is it a part you have to purchase separately or does it come with the unit?

The Dragonfly 4/5 Flush Mount Kit is not included within the package of these displays and would need to be purchased/ordered separately.
Called the order center and they don't have any in stock. There are none in stock at any dealer in the USA either.

The quickest way to obtain backordered products is to place an order rather than wait for a dealer to stock inventory. Correspondingly, it is recommended that an order for the kit be placed with Order Services or your Raymarine dealer.
Has there been any update information on this out of stock Flush Mount Kit (A80366) for the Dragon Fly 5 series? Going on 9 weeks that I have been waiting for this part?

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