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Full Version: [CA11] Tilt data box on i70s
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I have an EV-1 and an i70s on the network and according to the docs and other posts on this forum I should be able to display “tilt” information, which is the heel angle of the boat.

However, the i70s only displays “- - -“ in the data box.

All latest software on every component in the network.

Any ideas on why this data is not displaying?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rsqunit,

Please note that I have been unable to duplicate the reported issue with my system (all STng) and that an i70S operating with the latest software (v3.11) supports the following data items from the EV-1 (2.18):
- Boat->Roll
- Boat->Pitch
- Boat->Heading
- Boat->ROT (Rate of Turn)

"Tilt" is not listed as a data item.

Is the i70S interfaced as a spur to the SeaTalkng backbone or has it been interfaced to a SeaTalk bus which in turn has been interfaced to a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter? When the About System diagnostics feature (MENU->SET-UP->DIAGNOSTICS->ABOUT SYSTEM) is commanded on the i70S, is the EV-1 CCU listed?

I just checked and I cannot see Tilt anymore... I do see Roll and it is now displaying a value. I have NO idea why I was seeing tilt before... STRANGE!

BTW, the manual is still wrong and should be updated.

You're welcome. You're comments regarding the necessity to update the i70S Installation and Operations Guide have been noted and will be forwarded to the documentation team.
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